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Going to Court for Tory Government's Award of Contracts to Abingdon Health for Rapid Antibody Tests

Abingdon Health has been marred by controversy since the very beginning, with Government suppressing reports that raised the alarm around the effectiveness of the tests.

UK Retailers Join Pubs and Clubs in Rejecting Covid-status Certificates

Tory government warned that checking documents at the door will not work.

Open Rights Group demands Home Office transparency on end-to-end encryption

UK's Tory controlled Home Office is allegedly considering measures which treats all people as criminals by breaking encryption on messaging apps for starters.

Tory's Pork Barrel Politics

These are the building blocks for a one-party state. Nothing less than democracy is at stake.

Tory Government ‘Skewing Evidence’ To Justify Dropping Masks in Schools

Reports on leaked emails which suggest that the Department for Education is cherry-picking evidence to weaken safety measures

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021 (“PCSC Bill”) – Briefing for MPs

A chilling direction for the United Kingdom

Tories Want to Silence Dissent

Tory government wants to effectively ban dissent and protest with new legislation

Misuse of Public Money by Tory Government

The £4.8bn to be spent is more than enough to give our 670,000 nurses a pay rise of 25%

Boris Johnson Misled Parliament

Boris misled Parliament and placed inaccurate information before the Court

Northern Ireland Loyalists Pull Support for Good Friday Agreement

UK loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland have reportedly told Boris Johnson that they are withdrawing support for the 1998 Belfast Agreement. Something Boris & Brexiteers said their rock solid Brexit agreements would absolutely avoid.

Tory Activists Told to ‘Lie and Weaponise Fake News’ in Party Newsletter

The Tories are accused of a having a policy to ‘openly lie’ to the public after a local newsletter encouraged activists to ‘learn’ from Donald Trump

Update - 'Operation Moonshot'

We need answers