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Fridrich Strba :ch_Geneve: @[email protected]

Writing in my impersonal incapacity

Kevin @[email protected]

Writing on the internet since the mid-90s as the OG Hipster Bloggeur now running my own servers cos that one time Russia bought LiveJournal and we all panicked

Simon Phipps @[email protected]

Dreaming of UUCP and silver halides. Mostly posting in fleeting moments of transcendence.

Ingo Wichmann @[email protected]

Ich lebe und arbeite im Linuxhotel.
Open-Source Business Alliance, GUUG, LinuxTag

Gustav H Meyer @[email protected]

Views expressed are mine alone and not that of my employers. Accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity is not guaranteed.

emddom @[email protected]

a Hungarian living abroad,
KÉM :), azaz Külföldön Élő Magyar

Juha Autero @[email protected]

trans rights = human rights

Esther Brunner @[email protected]

User Interface Developer bei Zeix, queer-feministische Denkerin und Aktivistin

Martin Marot-Perz 🇪🇺🇺🇦🇮🇱🇦🇹 @[email protected]

Father, engineer, scientist, free-time philosoper, atheist, …

Claudia Rauch @[email protected]

word wrangler, music lover, cooking makes me happy, all things open source